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A confident magician, Chris Wheel, with a welcoming gesture, invites visitors to explore his services, set against a dark, sophisticated background that hints at the allure and mystery of a magical performance.

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Amazing Magician Chris Wheel

Be Amazed Every Day

Chris Wheel is the magician who will amaze, astonish, and leave you speechless! He's been captivating audiences for over 15 years, and now he's ready to bring his magic to your next event. Turn your event into an EXPERIENCE!

Check it out!

Check it out!

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Your Favorite Magician Chris Wheel


Experienced Magician

Chris Wheel is a magician who has been amazing audiences for 15+ years. His show is full of comedy, magic, and amazing illusions. He's been praised by critics and audiences alike, and he's sure to leave you wanting more. If you're looking for a magician who will amaze and entertain you and your guests, Chris Wheel is the perfect choice. His show is guaranteed to blow you away, and you'll be laughing and wanting more.

Professional Magic

Chris Wheel is a magician with a unique blend of magic and psychology. He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and uses his knowledge of human behavior to create amazing and thought-provoking illusions and performance. He also uses his experience as a school psychologist to help children and adults understand the power of magic. Chris is a sought-after performer for schools, corporate events, and private parties. His show is sure to amaze and entertain audiences of all ages!

Best Family Entertainer

Chris Wheel has a reputation for being a magician who always delivers amazing shows. His clients book him over and over again because they know they can rely on him to amaze and entertain their guests. Chris is a frequent performer at several events and establishments in New York because he knows how to connect with and WOW his audiences, no matter how young or old. He has a natural talent for magic and a gift for connecting with people of all ages. He is a true professional who is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his clients are happy.

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The Shows

Vibrant images of Chris Wheel performing on stage, in close-up settings, and walk-around shows convey the versatility and adaptability of his magic, promising a tailored

Experience the elegance and energy of Chris Wheel's magic show, ideal for any corporate or family event. With a blend of magic, music, and humor, Chris offers a memorable performance that resonates with any audience size, leaving a lasting impression of enchantment and sophistication.

"Networking with Novelty: Magician Facilitates Connections with Magical Icebreakers"
Close up

Delight your guests with the allure of close-up magic by Chris Wheel, a truly intimate experience designed to astound colleagues, family, and friends alike. Witness the art of illusion from mere inches away and be captivated as each trick unfolds with precision and charm. This up-close engagement is perfect for creating those special moments that will spark conversations long after the event concludes.

New york mind reader
Walk Around

Enhance your event's ambiance with the enchanting presence of Chris Wheel. As he strolls among your guests, Chris performs incredible magic that defies explanation. This roving entertainment ensures that every guest gets a personal encounter with wonder, keeping the energy high and the mood festive. Perfect for cocktail hours or networking events, Chris's walk-around magic acts as a conversation starter and a unique highlight, guaranteeing an engaging and entertaining experience for all.


Magician and entertainment for the Melting Pot and other restaurants
Magician and entertainment for Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital
Magician and entertainment for Cornell University and other Colleges. Ivy Leauge
Magician for Home Leasing
Magician for AMRI
Magician for College Entertainment University at Buffalo
Magician and entertainment for Connected Community Schools
Magician and entertainment for the neighborhood Center
Magician and entertainment for Cigars
Magician and entertainment for the YMCA
Magician and entertainment for the kelberman Center
Magician and entertainment for the New York State Fair
Magician and entertainment for the boy scouts of america
Magician and entertainment for Keller Williams Real Estate
Magician and entertainment for Rome City Schools
Magician and entertainment for Libraries. The Mid York Library
Magician and entertainment for Prestwick Chase and other Senior / Assited Living
Magician and entertainment for Microsoft
Magician and entertainment for Sprint, AT&T, Verizon
Magician and entertainment for Bliss Enviornmental and other City and State services
Magician and entertainment for Parks and Recs. New York State Parks
Magician and entertainment for Novelis
Magician and entertainment for Desitny USA and other Malls
Magician and entertainment for NYSERDA, National Grid, and Others
Magician and entertainment for The Dairy Foods Association
Magician and entertainment for Wegmans
Magician and entertainment for Mackenzie Hughes LLP and other Law Offices and Groups

Lesa S.

"He was a crowd favorite and had non-believers mystified! Consider giving the gift of magic to the person that has everything already!"


Wendy H.

"He was not only "magical" he was also funny. He was very easy going with the flow of our event and all of his tricks were mind blowing."

Charles L.

"I highly recommend him for this venue and many others. This guy does not disappoint and can do any age group. And he is seriously entertaining."


"Holiday Party Enchantment: Chris Wheel Spreads Festive Cheer with Magic at a Corporate Holiday Event."
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